Blortasia: A Virtual Reality Art Experience

Do you ever want to get inside the art work of Salvador DaliJackson Pollock or perhaps Roger Dean’s “Close to the Edge” Yes album cover?  Or float among colors in another dimension? Then Shape Space VR’s Blortasia is for you.

Blortasia is really what virtual reality is all about –  the opportunity to explore totally new experiences.  It provides a peaceful, colorful trip in the sky while listening to ambient sounds.  (currently available on the HTC VIVE)  

According to Blortasia’s creator Kevin Mack, the application started as an experiment to explore the possibilities of real-time virtual reality art. “Technology provides me with an endless palette of new possibilities and enables me to dissolve traditional boundaries of medium, process, style and genre. My intention is to create beautiful psychoactive art that engages the imagination, inspires wonder, and enhances well being.”  

Kevin’s credits include doing the special effects for Fight Club and receiving an Oscar for Best Visual Effects for his work on the film “What Dreams May Come.”

Paul Dravis