We focus on investing, business development and capital formation. We help build partnerships and strategies to deliver solutions that benefit individuals, communities and society.

Current views include 1) artificial intelligence/machine learning driven products and services will reshape industries and economies, but a scarcity of skills may constrain the market’s growth, 2) the markets for digital assets, digital trade and e-commerce will expand in both developed and emerging regions, 3) advances in agricultural science (plant/cell-based meats, plant genome, CRISPR, etc.) and food production technologies (automation, computer vision, indoor/vertical production, etc.) will have an increasing role in the availability of more affordable and sustainable food offerings and 4) the next frontier of innovation will require increased simplicity, personalization and trust.

Paul Dravis, Partner, focuses on helping organizations address the changing  dynamics of finance, technology and the global economy.

  • He has worked with organizations such as the World Bank, JP Morgan, Microsoft Corp., SAP AG, Silicon Valley Bank, Government of Jordan,  Banc of America Securities, Robertson Stevens and Co. and others as a business strategist, investor, software developer and more.

  • His notable publications include: “Design Thinking and Beyond: Strategies for Innovation”, “Artificial Intelligence in Finance: The Road Ahead”, “Bitcoin, Digital Currency and the Internet of Money: Innovations in Global Commerce”, “Open Source Software: Perspectives for Development” for the World Bank and “The World Wide Web: Globally Connected Plain and Simple” for JP Morgan.

Evelyn Dravis, Partner, has extensive investment, asset management and banking experience

  • She focuses on leveraging innovations to address the needs of businesses in the US and Latin America.

  •  Her background includes building and managing multi-asset investment platforms, business development, and client relationship management with institutional and entrepreneurial ultra-high net worth clients throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America

  • She has held diverse investment roles at ICONIQ Capital, Progress Investment Management, Allianz Global Investors and Citigroup