Future Perfect Machine (FPM) develops partnerships and strategies to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that benefit individuals, communities and society.

Recent efforts include 1) AI Market Dynamics, 2) using Virtual Reality as a platform for education, the creative arts, eSports and social interaction. and 3) the changing regulatory environment for digital currencies. 

Our team has strong business, investment, technical and educational skills. While based in San Francisco, our perspectives are global.  

Paul Dravis, Founding Partner, focuses on helping organizations address the changing  dynamics of finance, technology and the global economy.

His work areas include Crypto/Digital Assets & Commerce and Artificial Intelligence in Finance.  He has worked with organizations such as the World Bank, Microsoft Corp., SAP AG, Silicon Valley Bank, Government of Jordan, RCM Global Investors, Banc of America Securities, Robertson Stevens and Co. and others as a software developer, business strategist, investor and more.

His notable publications include: “Artificial Intelligence in Finance: The Road Ahead”, “Bitcoin, Digital Currency and the Internet of Money: Innovations in Global Commerce”, , “Open Source Software: Perspectives for Development” for the World Bank and “The World Wide Web: Globally Connected Plain and Simple” for JP Morgan.

He has produced several virtual reality events including "Virtual Reality in the Park: Earth Day at Golden Gate Park" on April 22, 2017.

Email: paul@FPM.live

Phone: +1-415-271-7255

Twitter: @paul_dravis