The inaugural Virtual Reality in the Park: Earth Day @ Golden Gate Park (April 22, 2017 at the SF County Fair Building) was a great success.  

Attendees had the opportunity to try out several experiences including painting in 3 dimensions (Google Tilt Brush),  composing music in new ways (Lyra VR), exploring ocean habitats (theBlu), fighting space pirates, floating through the work of an Oscar-Winning designer (Kevin Mack's Blortasia), meeting a rocket scientist (SpaceVR's Blaze Sanders) and more.

Virtual reality systems included Facebook/Oculus, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Microsoft Hololens.

Our team was amazing.  We are thankful for the help and support of Aldo Noboa, Cecilia Palmtag, Han Zhen Liu, Ryan Jones, Blaze Sanders, Elijah Pfotenhauer, Landry Yoder, Mike Kates, Elijah Pfotenhauer, Tom DelMundo, JonPaul Tilleman, Nate James, Evelyn Dravis, Stephanie Dravis, Fernando Marquez. Michelle Dravis, Jennifer Choi, Anastasiya Sharkova, Barbara Blair, Gregangelo Herrera, Liza Lichtinger, Allen Saakyan, David Gochfeld, Francisco Javier Molina, Mike Okerson, along with the staff at Microsoft, Udacity, T-Mobile and the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department.