Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

A Beginner’s Guide to Spatial Audio in 360-degree Video (NPR Dec, 18, 2017)

Augmented and Virtual Reality: The Promise and Peril of Immersive Technologies - Stefan Hall and Ryo Takahashi (McKinsey & Co. Oct. 2017)

Creating a Photogrammetry Environment (Valve Developer Community)

Digital Reality: The Focus Shifts from Technology to Opportunity - Allan V. Cook, Ryan Jones, Ash Raghavan, Irfan Saif (Deloitte Dec. 2017)

 Hyper-Reality - Video by Keiichi Matsuda 2016

Medical Virtual Reality (MedVR) group at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies

MIT Media Lab

SF State Conducting Leading-edge Research into Virtual Reality, Fitness (SF State News Aug. 15, 2017)

Uncanny Valley - Video by 3DAR 2015

Virtual & Augmented Reality: Understanding the Race for the Next Computing Platform (Goldman Sachs Jan. 13, 2017)

Virtual Human Interaction Lab - Stanford University

Virtual Reality Steven M. LaValle  (University of Illinois, Cambridge University Press. 2017)

Virtual Reality Is Reshaping Medical Training and Treatment (Singularity Hub Nov. 12, 2017)

Artificial Intelligence

Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is Going to Completely Change your Life (World Economic Forum Nov. 2017)

Artificial Intelligence will Create New Kinds of Work (The Economist Aug. 26, 2017)

Baidu Research Blog

Deepmind (the Alphabet Group)

Google Research Blog

How to Spot a Machine Learning Opportunity, Even If You Aren’t a Data Scientist
- Kathryn Hume (Harvard Business Review Oct. 20, 2017)

Intro to Artificial Intelligence - Learn the Fundamentals of AI - Udacity

Microsoft Research


The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI by Will Knitght (MIT Technology Review - April 11, 2017)

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence - A Framework for Thinking about AI. Mike Loukides (O'Reilly Media)

The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World - Pedro Domingos (Microsoft Research July 2017)

The New Artificial Intelligence Market;  A Data-Driven Analysis of Industries and Companies Adopting AI  Aman Naimat (O’Reilly Media 2016)

Digital Trade, Commerce and More

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System (Satoshi Nakamoto 2008)

Distributed Ledger Technology: Beyond Block Chain (UK Government Scientific Adviser 2016)

Distributed Ledger Technology in Payments, Clearing, and Settlement (U.S. Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C. 2016)

E-Money: Out of Control Chapter 12 (Kevin Kelly 1994)

MAS clarifies regulatory position on the offer of digital tokens in Singapore (August 2017)

Smart Contracts: Building Blocks for Digital Markets  (Nick Szabo 1996)

Smart Contracts: 12 Use Cases for Business & Beyond (Smart Contracts Alliance — In collaboration with Deloitte - Dec. 2016)

Statement on Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Dec. 11, 2017)

Token Mania (Autonomous NEXT - July 2017)

Books We Like

A Demon of Our Own Design: Markets, Hedge Funds, and the Perils of Financial Innovation (Ricard Bookstaber 2007)

Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst (Robert M. Sapolsky 2017)

Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility (James P. Carse 1986)

Grammatical Man: Information, Entropy, Language and Life (Jeremy Campbell 1982)

Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow  (Yuval Noah Harari 2017)

Mirror Worlds: or the Day Software Puts the Universe in a Shoebox...How It Will Happen and What It Will Mean (David Gelernter 1993)

Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, & the Economic World (Kevin Kelly 1995)

Principles: Life and Work (Ray Dalio 2017)

Rework (Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson 2010)

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (Yuval Noah Harari 2011)

The Gene: An Intimate History (Siddhartha Mukherjee  2016)

The Lessons of History (Will and Ariel Durant 1965)

Thinking, Fast and Slow (Daniel Kahneman 2011)